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why buy our traffic?

Here's why our solo ads are a better choice than other traffic sources
Warm Leads

Our solo ads produce “warmed-up” leads in a ready state to buy. Our endorsement presells your offer, which translates to more leads and sales for you.

100% Top Tier

Our traffic is 100% Tier 1, which consists of visitors that are 90% from the United States, and 10% from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

real, verified traffic

We use filtering software to ensure the highest quality. No fake, bot or duplicate visitors, ever. We can even show you proof of each visitor upon request.

fresh lists

We replenish our lists with hundreds of new subscribers daily and delete any unresponsive subscribers – this ensures that fresh prospects are seeing your offer.

Proven Results

Serving the home business industry since 2015, we have an ever growing number of testimonials from clients who have had success with our premium solo ad traffic.


You decide how many clicks you want and we deliver them to you. Simple. And it’s faster, safer and easier than Facebook ads, Google ads and media buys.

Scaleable & long-term

Scale your business by simply buying more clicks. And with no risk of being “slapped” or banned, you can rely on our responsive traffic for the long term.

risk-free guarantee

Unlike other traffic sources, we believe that you should get the conversions you need or you don’t pay. Please see our risk-free guarantee for more details.

We can provide you with a one-time solo ad or a weekly traffic package.

What Converts Best?

Here's how to tell if your offer will be a good fit for our traffic.
Business Opportunities & Making Money From Home.

Our lists are specifically targeted to business opportunities, Internet Marketing, MLMs and making money from home.

Corporate software, apps, web design or SEO services, forex and trading offers will not work well with our traffic. Nor will unrelated offers like weight loss or dating.

The rule of thumb is: If your offer is related to making money from home, it is likely to work well with our traffic.

We have produced stellar results for hundreds of offers over the years. Here are just some of the popular offers we are running:

  • Business Opportunities

    If you're promoting an offer that will enable people to start a profitable business, we will run it for you.

  • Internet Marketing

    Whether it's your latest funnel, an online course or a new JV launch, we love promoting Internet Marketing offers.

  • MLM

    We are the secret weapon behind some of the biggest leaders in popular MLM's. You can have the same results.

  • Affiliate Offers

    Our traffic responds extremely well to affiliate offers found on ClickBank, JVZoo and other CPA networks.

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2000 Unique Clicks | 100% Tier 1 | $1180 | $0.59/click

1000 Unique Clicks | 100% Tier 1 | $650 | $0.65/click

500 Unique Clicks | 100% Tier 1 | $345 | $0.69/click

300 Unique Clicks | 100% Tier 1 | $225 | $0.75/click

200 Unique Clicks | 100% Tier 1 | $154 | $0.77/click

100 Unique Clicks | 100% Tier 1 | $79 | $0.79/click

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